Smart Boomboxes

Sound, craftsmanship, voice, privacy

Listen to great sound from a quality crafted boombox using voice input which maintains your privacy


Great sound

This boombox sounds great –
that’s just how it should be

Quality craftsmanship

Built of hardwood, plywood and top-shelf components in a traditional fashion with a natural finish
woodworking tools
voice input

Voice input

Tell the boombox what to play – it’s smart. You don’t have to fiddle with your cellphone.


You tell it what to play or ask a question. After it responds, what you said is erased. Your privacy is paramount.

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Our Happy Customers!

“We really like the sound and the ability to put many songs on a single USB drive. It has a nice deep bass.”
Stet and Sue
“I like the way it looks – nice woodgrain and a retro look. I like the way it sounds – it can be heard everywhere in the backyard when I’m playing it on the porch”
Brian C.
“It’s looks and sounds great. I use it in my living room, but also take it with me on outings.”
Rich W.

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